#picstitch #transformationtuesday #baby #singer

#picstitch #transformationtuesday #baby #singer

"the female disadvantage"

I was just reading an article on female musicians and how society brought us up to be reactive instead of active which is why woman are primarily vocalists because we choose to build our lives on building relationships instead of building the things that make us stronger as artists…such as why guys will play guitar in their room and practice practice practice. as someone who has literally spent years practicing…alone in the car and in the shower…in front of mirrors and behind closed doors…I cringed reading this knowing I was so guilty of practicing less and putting other things in my life ahead of singing. every time my ex and I were drifting apart, the more I drove around singing along to Paramore and Brand New, wishing I had the guts to put my own writing to music and becoming a singer in an indie rock band.
Here time has gone by. I am a singer. I write about my emotions a lot instead of actively seeking therapy. I have a very emotional reactive view to everything still. I listen to music way more than I actively create it. I wait for others to listen. I wish we could play better shows but I am lost on how to make it actively happen.
Sigh. I don’t want to give in to female stereotypes or doing societal norms…but it sucks to realize I’m already doing that as a musician. I I I was tellin j and how women are just not welcome there and how happy I was my band stated from that typmusic yesterdaym

whenever I read my #oracle #cards Music comes out.. I believe in myself I believe in @theinfidelities  #angels #doreenvirtue #singer #musician #spiritual #dreams

whenever I read my #oracle #cards Music comes out.. I believe in myself I believe in @theinfidelities #angels #doreenvirtue #singer #musician #spiritual #dreams


can our song get 10 notes? that would be nice :D FREE DOWNLOAD
This song is for all of the people who have a hard time speaking their minds, who sometimes would rather be alone than surrounded by a crowd of people, and for all of the people who helped them come out of their shell or helped them feel that they are not alone. 

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